Nepal’s Coronavirus Update #6 from NRNA

  • Coronavirus kills 117 Nepalis worldwide, infects 12,811
  • Rs. 80 million deposited in Corona Relief Fund
  • Coronavirus epidemic affects Nepalis in 33 countries around the world
  • NRNA provided relief to more than 40,000, and counseling services to more than 62,000

The number of non-resident Nepalis dying due to coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, which is spreading like an epidemic worldwide, has reached 117 by Saturday evening (May 23, 2020).

According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 21 more Nepalis have lost their lives to coronavirus this week.

According to the association, 9 Nepalis have died in UAE, 5 in Saudi Arabia, 2 in the UK, 2 in Nepal, 1 in the USA, 1 in Qatar, and 1 in Kuwait this week.

According to figures compiled by the Union Health Committee, 65 people have died in the UK.

According to the Health Committee Coordinator, Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota, 18 people have died in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Nepal Coronavirus Update 6 from NRNA 2

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to 16 in the United States, followed by seven in Saudi Arabia, three in Nepal, one in Qatar, one in Ireland, one in Japan, one in Turkey, one in the Netherlands, one in Bahrain, one in Sweden and one in Kuwait.

Demographics of Nepali Coronavirus Victims

  • The health committee has stated that 95 men and 19 women have been the victim of coronavirus.
  • Similarly, 53 percent of the deaths have been reported in the age group of 50-90 years. 
  • According to the Health Committee, 23 percent are in the age group of 40 to 50 years. The number of Nepalis dying in the age group less than 40 years is 16 percent. The age group of the remaining 8 percent is not known.

According to coordinator, Dr. Sapkota, 12,821 non-resident Nepalis around the world, including Nepal, have been infected with coronavirus. 72 percent in the Middle East, 13 percent in the US, 10 percent in Europe, and five percent in Asia were found to be infected.

According to Dr. Sapkota, more than 4,000 Nepalis have recovered from the coronavirus.

Based on the committee’s figures, the rate of infection in the United Kingdom, and the United States have dropped significantly, while the rate of infections has gone up in the Middle East.

According to the committee, Qatar has 6,911, the United States 1,600, the UK 1,230, Saudi Arabia 1,364, Nepal 585,  the UAE 500, Bahrain 311, Kuwait 84, Malaysia 55, Portugal 42, Ireland 22, Spain 13, Canada 18, Australia 12, Maldives 16, Japan 10, Belgium 6, Sweden 5, Germany 4, Finland 4, Cyprus 3, New Zealand 3, Malta 2, Hong Kong 2, Poland 2, Russia 2, Myanmar 1, Romania 1, and France 1; Nepalis have been infected by the coronavirus.

This week has seen new coronavirus infections among Nepalis in Russia, Romania, and India.

NRNA has formed a high-level committee under the chairmanship of Kumar Pant. According to General Secretary, Dr. Hem Raj Sharma, the association has formed sub-committees including health, finance, students, workers, and women, and has mobilized its network worldwide to distribute relief to the coronavirus victims.

According to Sharma, more than 2,100 volunteers have been deployed in 49 countries to distribute relief to the coronavirus victims.

The association has distributed relief to more than 40,000 non-resident Nepalis and provided counseling services to more than 62,000 people till Saturday evening.

Treasurer Mahesh Shrestha informed that Rs. 80 million has been collected from various national committees in the Corona Victims Relief Fund established by the association. The union had earlier provided direct financial assistance to 10 countries.

Originally published in Nepali by NRNA.