Nepal’s Coronavirus Update #15 from NRNA


  • One more death due to coronavirus reported this week, a total of 161 dead Nepalese abroad.
  • The risk of spreading coronavirus in the community under the government’s plan to home quarantine: Experts
  • 34,830 Nepalis rescued
  • 94 more bodies are yet to be brought to Nepal from abroad
  • 206 Nepalese lost to Coronavirus Pandemic

Nepal Coronavirus Update #15 from NRNA 1

One more Nepali has died abroad this week during this coronavirus pandemic. According to the NRNA’s Health Committee, one person has died in the UK this week. According to Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota, Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)’s Health Committee Coordinator, till Saturday evening a total of 161 Nepalis abroad have died due to the coronavirus.

According to the committee, 29,243 Nepalese have recovered from coronavirus out of a total of 31,150 infected people in 36 countries, that is., more than 93 percent of Nepalis that had been infected. Although most of the Nepalis infected with the virus in African countries recovered last week, this week the infection rate has increased. Similarly, the number of infected has gone up amongst Nepalis living in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

According to the association, 206 Nepalis have lost their lives due to the coronavirus, including 45 from Nepal. As of Saturday evening, the number of infected people in Nepal has reached 18,483.

Meanwhile, the health committee has also prepared special guidelines regarding the health standards to be followed while visiting public places and using vehicles. The committee has also suggested the compulsory use of masks in public places.

34,830 Nepalis stranded abroad rescued

This week, 34,830 Nepalis have been rescued. In collaboration with the Non-Resident Nepali Association, diplomatic missions abroad, and the Government of Nepal, Nepalis affected by the coronavirus have been repatriated from 25 different countries.

However, as of Thursday, July 23, the government of Nepal has suspended rescue flight for the time being. Regular rescue flights are set to begin after August 17.

94 bodies yet to be brought to Nepal from abroad

This week, 216 bodies from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, South Korea, and other countries have been brought to Nepal and handed over to their families.

Of the 474 people who lost their lives abroad due to various reasons, 165 have been buried in the destination country with the consent of their families. There are still 94 bodies to be brought to Nepal from abroad.

Nepal Coronavirus Update #15 from NRNA 2

High-level committee meeting concluded

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Covid-19 High-Level Committee of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) was concluded on Saturday, July 25, 2020. The meeting chaired by Kumar Pant, chairman and coordinator of the high-level committee, reviewed the activities of the committee since its inception and decided the next strategy. Addressing the meeting, Chairman Pant said the role played by the National Coordinating Council (NCC) around the world in the coronavirus (Covid 19) epidemic was important. He also urged the Nepali communities living abroad to continue their effort of putting ointment on this difficult and sensitive hour. He said that the assistance of Rs 50 million provided by the ILO has created an atmosphere of trust not only among Nepalis but also from the international community. He also expressed his commitment to bring special programs for Nepalis returning to Nepal from abroad due to the coronavirus.

In the meeting, General Secretary Dr. Hem Raj Sharma informed that 2,100 volunteers are working in 50 countries during the coronavirus epidemic. He said that more than 81,000 people have sought counseling through call centers established in different countries of the association.

In the meeting, Health Committee Coordinator Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota expressed his views on measures to protect oneself from the effects of coronavirus, and the precautions to be taken based on recent events. Speakers at the meeting stressed the need to stay calm as the risk of coronavirus is still high and to think that one can protect others from infection only by taking precautions. The participants in the meeting said that the risk of spreading coronavirus in the community from a returnee, who is under the government’s home quarantine, is high and stresses further on the need to make them aware to take necessary precautions.

‘Covid 19’ High Level Committee, Non-Resident Nepali Association

Originally published in Nepali by NRNA.