Nepali Months in English

Below is a list of Nepali Months in English.

Baishakh Month in English

Baishakh (वैशाख) in English is April – May (अप्रिल – मे) months.

Jestha Month in English

Jestha (जेठ) in English is May – June (मे – जुन) months.

Asar Month in English

Asar (असार) in English is June – July (जुन – जुलाई) months.

Saun Month in English

Saun (साउन) in English is July – August (जुलाई – अगस्ट) months.

Bhadau Month in English

Bhadau (भदौ) in English is August – September (अगस्त – सेप्टेम्बर) months.

Asoj Month in English

Asoj (असोज) in English is September – October (सेप्टेम्बर – अक्टुबर) months.

Kattik Month in English

Kattik (कात्तिक) in English is October – November (अक्टुबर – नोभेम्बर) months.

Mangsir Month in English

Mangsir (मंसिर) in English is November – December (नोभेम्बर – डिसेम्बर) months.

Pusa Month in English

Pusa (पुष) in English is December – January (डिसेम्बर – जनवरी) months.

Magh Month in English

Magh (माघ) in English is January – February (जनवरी – फेब्रुअरी) months.

Fagun Month in English

Fagun (फागुन) in English is February – March (फेब्रुअरी – मार्च) months.

Chait Month in English

Chait (चैत) in English is March–April ( मार्च – अप्रिल) months.

Here are the Nepali (Bikram Sambat) months  that correspond to their respective English (Gregorian) months. We have provided Nepali to English months information in both English and Nepali, for your convenience. 

नेपाली (विक्रम संवत)महिनाअंग्रेजी (ग्रेगोरियन)महिनाNepali (Bikram Sambat) MonthsEnglish (Gregorian Calendar) Months
वैशाखअप्रिल – मेBaishakhApril–May
जेठमे – जुनJesthaMay–June
असारजुन – जुलाईAsarJune–July
साउनजुलाई – अगस्टSaunJuly–August
भदौअगस्त – सेप्टेम्बरBhadauAugust–September
असोजसेप्टेम्बर – अक्टुबरAsojSeptember–October
कात्तिकअक्टुबर – नोभेम्बरKattikOctober–November
मंसिरनोभेम्बर – डिसेम्बरMangsirNovember–December
पुषडिसेम्बर – जनवरीPusaDecember–January
माघजनवरी - फेब्रुअरीMaghJanuary–February
फागुनफेब्रुअरी - मार्चFagunFebruary–March
चैतमार्च – अप्रिलChaitMarch–April

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